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Kathleen White is a mixed media artist working with a variety of materials such as metals, wood, wax, colored pencils, free domain images, papers, fabrics & much more. 


Jewelry and other 3 dimensional objects are a great passion and often many of the same materials are used to create images on them as well as on 2 dimensional papers and boards. The work is rarely planned out in advanced and rather emerges from a single stroke, layer or placed object that dictates the procedure and eventually the final piece of art. Her work is inspired by the natural world as well an inner landscape of ideas, emotions and opinions. 


She decided to become an artist at age 8 when she first became aware of, and was inspired by, the work of Picasso, Kandinsky, Matisse and Paul Klee. An exceptional third grade teacher introduced her to these artists and this distinct and important memory launched her journey.  


Her first professional job as a commercial artist in the field of textile design greatly influenced her work and provided a source of knowledge and information. She is a lover and a practitioner of both art and craft.


Kathleen has studied art at The Fashion Institute of Technology (NYC), The Laguna Beach School of Art, Saddleback College, and The College of Marin. However, she is very much self taught through exploration, study of art history and experimentation.  


Over the years her work has been shown at various venues including The Marin Jewelers Guild, The Festival of the Arts in Laguna Beach, The Laguna Art Museum and The Stuart Katz Gallery.

Foggy Jungle
encaustic wax, handmade papers, string
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